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How to Vote

To vote as an SPO, you need to have a extended metdata JSON file set up for your pool. This is an existing (unofficial) standard for attaching additional metadata to your pool. The URL of that file must be added to your main pool metadata file in an "extended" field. When you first set up your extended metadata file, you will need to update your metadata hash registered on-chain (since you modified the file). If you are modifying an existing extended metadata file, you do not need to re-register since your main metadata hash did not change.

Once you have your extended metadata file set up, vote results should be added to a "votes" section of the JSON, using the URL of the vote you are participating in as the key and an object containing a "vote" field for your response:

	// ...
	"votes": {
		"https://cips.cardano.org/cips/cip7/": {
			"vote": "Yes"
		"https://cips.cardano.org/cips/cip8/": {
			"vote": "Yes",
			"comment": "I would love to see this!"

Take care to ensure your JSON is valid and only has trailing commas in the correct places. You should use a JSON Validator to ensure your JSON is valid before publishing. Be sure the URL matches that of the vote exactly too (vote organisers are encouraged to include a canonical URL on the vote page itself).